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Affinity Partnership Group is a modern IT talent & transformation solutions consultancy built on trust, innovation and a pursuit of excellence.
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Before founding Affinity our leadership team spent decades partnering with senior IT executives at globally recognized brands. We designed and built high performing teams to deliver change at scale enabling organisational aims. Affinity are drawing and improving on those experiences to empower our customers, their transformations and innovations. Affinity's people are leaders in IT Talent Consultancy and Strategic Resourcing.

Our Services

Empowering our customers with the expertise they need at speed and scale in bespoke partnership models

Executive Search / Senior Leadership Hiring

Affinity utilises proven data driven sourcing techniques, technologies, market mapping and personality testing to secure your senior leadership team. This includes hiring for D&I up to CxO level. We offer traditional retained and bespoke billing models.

Contractor Model / Time & Materials

We have extended networks across specialised SMEs in our technical focus areas. We provide contractors or freelancers, locally or remotely and are experts in global solutions and international compliance.

Hiring at Scale

Using techniques proven within a world leading technology company we work with you to design a multi-hiring strategy. This includes location & renumeration analytics, profile creation & prioritisation, interview coaching, process definition & retention strategy. Our expertise takes the pain out of volume hiring enabling you and your team to focus elsewhere. Bespoke and discounted billing models are available.

Fixed Price/SoW

Wrapping SoWS around teams of SMEs our "lite" Fixed Price Solution brings you transparency, control and senior experts dedicated solely to enabling faster project delivery. Embedding within your organisation we standardise and replicate onboarding; IT access, compliance, security; technical documents, lessons learned and handover taking away the headache of multi-supplier externals. This would be billed according to project milestones agreed between you and Affinity.


The demand and competition for specialized IT Talent has never been greater. Drawing on experiences, processes and techniques gained from partnering with globally recognized technology companies, Affinity work closely with you to retain talent and knowledge within your business.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity & Belonging

Opportunity for all, equality and social mobility are at the heart of Affinity’s core values. This alongside the empirical evidence that diverse teams produce greater results means Affinity work with our customers to remove barriers and enable the hiring of exceptional talent from all backgrounds. We believe organisations and opportunities should reflect the society we live in and not be restricted by an individual's background, race, sexuality, age, gender or neuro-diversity.
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